Appeal for the downfall of Chancellor Merkel

Prometheus mocks the inhabitants of Olympus, but he meant the God of Christians. For if Goethe had openly challenged the clergy, his career would have come to an end and we would have been deprived of a whole stack of literature. Nowadays it is again increasingly perilous to openly state one’s opinion. For this, people are defamed and ruined, or just murdered, like the critical cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo and many other innocent assassination victims. Or one has to fear for one’s life and go into hiding like Salman Rushdi. In Germany the threat is also now increasing, the more our culture is overrun by foreign peoples and religions.

Goethe had every reason to be contemptuous of Christianity, which again and again transgresses the commandment of charity. As witness to this are the ashes of heretics and witches, the victims of the crusades against Palestine, or the addressees of the Christian missionaries in Africa and South America: millions upon millions were enslaved and killed. And where they act charitably, Christians always manage to cause damage: they are the power which would do good constantly and mostly does evil – a further, this time inversely used citation from Goethe. A current example is offered by the German Chancellor and President – a pastor’s daughter and a pastor, both from the former GDR. From the end of last year they have generously invited, out of Christian conviction and at our costs, all deprived people from the world to come to Germany and Europe. The criminal smuggling industry is thanking them, and thousands of poor souls who follow their call drown in the Mediterranean every year. The right to asylum knows no limits. Consequently, our nobleness will finally cause a disaster of unmanageable extent.

It does not appear to interest Merkel and the flock of trusting Christians that the United Kingdom and France face difficulties with their banlieue residents who originate from former colonies like India and Algeria. Hundreds of years ago Kosovo was predominantly populated by Serbs, but within a few decades they were suddenly overtaken and replaced by Muslims: this will now happen to Germany. Africa threw out the Europeans, to their detriment, but they all want to come to Europe – along a one-way street. The British Prime Minister, the French President and lots of other European politicians are laughing at the naive Chancellor behind her back. Why should they lie in the bed that Mrs Merkel has made? And also outside of Europe, for example in China, Germany’s missionary fervour meets with incomprehension and ridicule.

It is a deceitful lie that we need immigration, a subterfuge to palliate the hitherto inactivity of the West in crisis regions. Above all we do not need any charity recipients – few of the millions of persons entering illegally at the moment will be capable over the decades of doing skilled work here. Most of them do not have any realistic perspective here and will cause us trouble, many as simple criminals, some as fanatical killers. Those precisely who have a decent education should not be recruited by us, but should be encouraged to use their skills to develop prosperity in their home country. Our help, moreover, must go directly there, instead of financing migrant ghettos in Germany.

Of course persecuted persons, first and foremost women and children, but not economic migrants, must be given temporary humanitarian protection, within the scope of our capabilities and only as long as the danger exists and not a day longer. But according to the Geneva Refugee Convention, only individual persons have a right to asylum – if they are persecuted because of race, religion, nationality, political conviction or because they belong to a particular social group. It should not be applied de facto across-the-board to entire foreign peoples, as is unconstitutionally practiced at the moment. And who said that entire nations should be evacuated when only some regions are affected?

Countries bordering on the crisis area must be supported financially, so that they can maintain refugee camps, and the refugees accommodated there do not have to come to us due to a shortage of money, but rather can support the liberation and rescue of their country from there.

And we should not let ourselves be influenced by this integration spectacle and desperately try to offer to everyone who has arrived here the chance to stay for good. We should rather take the chance and offer these people training and enable them to create a democratic, secular state in their home country and to defend it. Now half of the German people with supposedly higher moral standards (how pretentious!) demands the definite integration of many millions of Arabs into the German society, a demand which is outrageous since the other half of the population thinks the current situation is a nightmare and completely unbearable. Our society could get back to a consensus if the government clarified right from the start that the refugees will later have to return to their home countries just as it was the case with the refugees who came to Germany twenty years ago because of the Yugoslav Wars. In this way the CDU members would no longer in large numbers go over to the AfD.

The Chancellor wants to play her role for as long as possible. In order to avoid making enemies she follows every folly, instead of independently shaping Germany’s future with ingenuity and pursuing worthwhile goals. So it is the herd of simple sheep who determine the direction and not the shepherd. As I am writing these lines I am travelling for business through sunny California. I am impressed by how new technologies are taken up and used here, and it rankles me to see how Germany cowardly throws away its opportunities and leaves our talent for top research lying fallow. Modern travel projects like magnetic levitation trains or the “Saenger” projects (supersonic passenger aircraft with Mach 4 at an altitude of 40 kilometers) were abandoned, the extremely lucrative red and green gene techniques, with which California earns hundreds of millions of dollars every year, are demonised and thwarted in Germany. We are running behind the Americans and the Chinese in terms of information technology. Why is there no German Google? The Chancellor tries to gain votes for herself by stoking the public’s fear of these modern developments and then playing the guardian angel. In order to oblige the Green party, she prevents us from establishing secure nuclear reactors in the whole world, instead leaving this field to Russia and Japan, where safety is apparently not a top concern. Nuclear power must be replaced as soon as possible by efficient solar power stations or energy plantations (developed by us) – producing “inexhaustible” or “infinite” energy (to not use the stupid expression “renewable energy”).

Furthermore, the recent German nuclear power phase-out, completely rushed and expensive, served only to help the Chancellor ingratiate herself with the voters because of the Fukushima incident. She prefers instead to fritter away the resources with ineffective wind turbines and photovoltaics in sun-deficient Germany and to pollute the air with fumes from power stations generating electricity from coal and oil. This goes down somewhat better with the red-green procrastinators ̶ let us all just suffocate on CO2 ̶  and Mrs Merkel can carry on governing for an eternity. Because of this, the West pays the Russians and the Arabs immense sums for oil and gas, which they are now using in other ways to put the heat on us. A bit of nuclear waste can be managed better than an angry, rocket-loaded Putin or the caliphate primed with our money.

And now let us just recall what the ambitious Dr Merkel said in 2003 at the CDU party congress in Leipzig ̶  between 1998 and 2005 the CDU and the FDP were in the opposition and she badly wanted to be in government again: “Some of our opponents cannot refrain from putting us in the extreme right-wing corner in the immigration discussion, just because we point out the danger of parallel societies connected to immigration. This, dear friends, is the height of dishonesty, and such hypocrisy will collapse like a house of cards before the people. Therefore, we will carry on promoting regulated control and limits on immigration.”

In the meantime she has made it to Chancellor. Today, however, she is dependent on the SPD to keep her job. This required yet again a U-turn of 180 degrees, as the SPD needs the asylum seekers as puppet voters in order to be on a par with the CDU. Our Angela Merkel parries subserviently. Germany follows her delusions, not for the first time, and plunges into demise! We would have been spared this madness if the FDP had made it into the government in the last election – a party which is still of sound mind.

The asylum actions of the current government are, by the way, meant to distract from the fact that they are shying away from their actual duty: together with other Western countries to create stability in countries afflicted by tyranny and to disarm the maniacs there; importantly with the assistance of the men, for example from Syria and Afghanistan, who are denying their sisters, wives, and children protection and hiding here instead of liberating and bringing peace to their homelands. In their place should perhaps our sons sacrifice their lives again? But here Mrs Merkel has already wetted her index finger and held it up: which way is the wind blowing? The majority of the so peaceful inhabitants of Germany would not back such an operation. It is easier to close one’s eyes and pretend it’s nothing to do with us that the Middle East and countries in Africa are falling into the hands of murderous religious fanatics and that the Taliban are taking hold in Afghanistan again, mocking the sacrifices that our soldiers made there. In order to live in peace, you sometimes have to act. Now a quote from Schiller from Wallenstein’s Camp: For if your own life you’re not willing to stake, that life will never be yours to make! The Christians stood by and watched during the Holocaust, in Cambodia and in Burundi, and today it is no different. At least, Germany is now sending reconnaissance aircrafts. The dangerous work, however, is yet again left to the others.

To straighten out the Middle East, the West must reach an agreement with Russia and get the necessary leeway with concessions to Russia – we cede them the predominantly Russian populated eastern Ukraine and Crimea, which they hold and will keep anyway. But Merkel and Steinmeier are miscast here: politics is not for dreamers, but for realists. It is not what you wish for, but what can be achieved. Above all you have to fathom the options of the opposition, take into account Putin’s huge support in his country and also his dangerousness. A predator attacks when it is surrounded. It is embarrassing how unsuccessfully Steinmeier and Fabius travel around the globe and let themselves be shown up by Russia, the Arab countries, or Greece. But Mr Steinmeier probably gets the toothless arguments for his mock battle whispered to him by Mrs Merkel. The Merkel system is the same as the deceitful, semi-governmental company Volkswagen: nobody dares to stand up to the authorities since they do not want to lose their positions.

Two egomaniacal public idols nearly succeeded in destroying Germany during the last century: an imperial aristocrat who wanted to show the world that a war could be won even with a stunted arm, and an unemployed artist without any qualifications, subsequently a leader who was greatly admired by the vast majority, although later on every one claimed to have had nothing to do with him. After both world wars Germany could at least be rebuilt, a process to which EUROIMMUN has contributed significantly with the establishment of highly specialised technology platforms, to the envy of the lauded America. But now a new idol has emerged, a luminary with whom the Germans have again miscalculated. Under Angela Merkel’s government Germany and Europe are being struck by mass migration, such that our homeland will soon no longer be recognisable. Sir, my need is sore. Spirits that I’ve cited, my commands ignore.

Mrs Merkel claims in Christian innocence, disregarding her official oath, that there should not be an upper limit to asylum. She will consequently be magnanimous to the host of African refugees, who are waiting in the queue and who will follow the example of the over two million asylum seekers from the year 2015. Or to many millions of Indians and Pakistanis, who will continue to fight each other here. The Chancellor will not be able to extract herself from this situation and should therefore be forced to resign immediately, so that we can finally counter steer – this is “what we must do”. Her oath states: “I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the well-being of the GERMAN people, promote its welfare, protect it from harm, uphold and defend the Basic Law and the laws of the Federation, perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all. So help me God.” A perjury.

Anyone who fights against the asylum insanity is excluded by the protagonists of current politics. Thus, the General Secretary of the SPD said on the 24th of October 2015 in Augsburg that the followers of Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident) are “Biedermeier arsonists and rabble rousers” and must be “pursued with the full force of the police and the law”. The lady did not pay attention in school lessons; the protagonist in Max Frisch’s play is called Biedermann. And the second mistake: the true arsonists are in Berlin and not in Dresden, their Christian delusions are antagonising Germans against each other, providing the right wingers with arguments and provoking ugly defensive reactions. We do not want to give up our democracy, our freedom, our peace, our right to self-determination, the dignity of women and our homeland for illusions. To call people like the peacefully demonstrating citizens in Dresden xenophobic because of their opinions and to complain that they do not join in with the foolishness of naive politicians and journalists demonstrates pathetic simple-mindedness and a lack of understanding of democracy and in the case of many journalists, with their one-sided reporting, dishonest demagogy. I feel sorry for the poor police, who have to deal with the militant counter Demonstrators.

And Biedermann missed the time point at which the disaster could have been stopped. The comrade could not have used a better citation. Therefore my plea: engage the emergency brakes, do not let us slide further into catastrophe, it’s high time! The General Secretary is not a Biedermeier, but rather a clever clogs who should first study our constitution. She would then realise that it is the government that is violating it and should be pursued by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. She is just as arrogant and impudent as her dignified colleague Gabriel, who when questioned on the refugee catastrophe lapses aimlessly into the most awkward stammering and dares to label decent people a pack. Also this Mr Gauck, who brands people like myself as from the “dark Germany”, but fits this profile best himself, said this.

Lübeck, 6th December 2015

Prof Prof hc Dr Winfried Stöcker – not a xenophobe or racist, but a philanthropist, who is still of sound mind, and therefore, just like million others, losing sleep due to the Chancellor’s folly.